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SAM DENTAL (Est. 2008)

At Sam Dental, your smile matters to us. If it is a smile makeover you are looking for, or any other dental services, we’ll provide you with dental care that is personal, professional, affordable, and guaranteed. Over the past 8 years, we have literally taken care of thousands of US patients, with hundreds having major dental work done. Our dentists are some of the best! Located in Tijuana’s modern downtown area, we are accessible from the border and ready to help you rediscover your beautiful smile.

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Paseo de los Heroes #10289 Oficina 106, Zona Río, Tijuana, 22010, Baja California, México

Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental Team

Aylema Rodriguez
Head Dentist

Vianey Castellanos

Laura Plaza

Miguel Ramirez

Aaron Avila

Vianeth Velarde

Dental Treatments & Price List

  • Exam and Evaluation
  • White Composite Filling
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Core Build Up Restoration
  • Pre-Fabricated Post
  • Cast Post in Addition to Crown
  • PFM Porcelain Crowns - Standard Finish
  • PFM Crowns - Esthetic Finish (Porcelain Edge)
  • All Porcelain E.Max Crown or Veneers
  • Zirconium Ceramic Crowns or Veneers
  • Regular Extractions
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Simple
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Fully Impacted)
  • Immediate Acrylic Full or Partial
  • High Quality Full Denture / Arch
  • Regular Cleaning - Prophylaxis
  • Perio - Maintenance Cleaning (Whole Mouth)
  • Perio - Scaling & Root Planing / Quadrant
  • Individual Bone Graft
  • Sinus Lift
  • Dental Implant - Surgical Placement
  • Abutment Placement (for Crown or Bridge)
  • Porcelain Crown for Implants
  • Connectors / Locators (for Dentures)
  • Tijuana

  • $20
  • $65 - $85
  • $265 - $295
  • $65
  • $100
  • $100
  • $270
  • $295
  • $395
  • $475
  • $75
  • $125
  • $125
  • $245
  • $385
  • $585
  • $49
  • $125
  • $120
  • $395
  • $1,000
  • $795
  • $325
  • $350
  • $365
  • USA

  • $120
  • $190 - $270
  • $850 - $1,250
  • $225
  • $265
  • $375
  • $750
  • $865
  • $1,150
  • $1,495
  • $165
  • $295
  • $325
  • $690
  • $825
  • $2,200
  • $150
  • $425
  • $415
  • $895
  • $2,950
  • $2,250
  • $1,250
  • $1,500
  • $650

Patient Gallery

Patient Reviews

July 2015

December 2015

I just completed a permanent bridge replacement. This office is truly professional, and the dentist be considerate and especially detail oriented. They are extremely accommodating and very affordable. Great discount for cash! I highly recommend Sam Dental!!

September 2015

In 3 visits, I’ve replaced all my silver fillings, had a tooth extraction as I didn’t want a root canal, and got 3 cavities fixed. These were taken cared of in a very expeditious manner. I’m pleased with the results and especially with the cost when compared to what my U.S. dentist wanted to charge. I will definitely go back for ALL my dental needs but will only see Gilberto, DDS. He was recommended by a friend and I’m so grateful I went to see him.

My experience has always been great from beginning to end starting with my call to the gal as soon as I get to the border (via the trolley, it’s just easier! $5 round-trip) She. lets Hector know I’m crossing the border so he can come pick me up. I then put my phone on airplane mode to avoid getting any potential international roaming charges. I walk to the pickup point which seems a little far (15 min.) but I consider it my exercise for the day. If someone in your party is elderly (like my 88 year old dad when he comes with me) or handicapped, Hector is allowed to pickup where the taxis are. It’s much closer, you just have to let the gal know when you call to be picked up where the taxis are. Once at the air conditioned, clean clinic, Gilberto gets right down to business and I’m always surprised when he’s done, but he’s so efficient and knows what he’s doing!! I always pay in cash to get the 5% discount on top of there already discounted prices!! Hector takes me back to the border. He’s so nice and a pleasure to talk to.

April 2015

I absolutely had a wonderful time there and felt totally , well greeted and also accommodated in the hotel that Sam Dental also gave me a discount in.. incredible..( a Sam Dental discount the gentleman said.). , at the dentist office, and by every person I came into contact with.. from the gentleman that transported me to and from dr Vasquez office , where I was also extremely pleased with him and his staff and up until I left I was treated very warmly by everyone and was given the best service.. I am sure to boast about Sam Dental .. and cant wait to get started.. I was given a plan of action also that is also affordable and was presented to fit my financial needs.. all of this was exactly what I had hoped for.. I didn’t know how it would be.. but I thought id try.. and I am very happy id did.. thank you Sam Dental.

December 2014

Having suffered at the hands of a Bay Area dentist, and, having waited patiently for 2 years for a local dentist to rectify the horrendous mess I had been left in, I finally approached Sam Dental in Tijuana. Why had I waited? These experts had my case and dental problems rectified in 2 days!!! Dr Aylema and her competent staff just got on with making me feel right with full function again. Hector the dental coordinator was a mine of helpful information, and I was always kept informed of whats happening. I waited 2 years and a lot of thousands of dollars to be messed up in US. I waited 2 days for dental satisfaction. If your considering going here don’t hesitate, just go!!

November 2014

Dear Ceci, Dr. Castellanos, and all of the staff at Sam Dental. I just cant thank you enough for the treatment I received while I was there. I have had no pain at all, my appliances fit perfectly,and I have received so many complements on my new smile. It is with my greatest gratitude when I say Thank you just isn’t enough. Absolutely Amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much!

November 2014

Being without dental insurance for about a year and a half now, a little while back my husband was in need of a dentist and found Javier at SamDental! BOY was he ever pleased with him!! (as well as with the entire office staff!) The service, from his experience, was just EXCELLENT in EVERY way!! ~~ something that I myself found to be more than true just a few weeks ago, as I had badly chipped both of my front teeth!! Javier has me now looking good as new!! ~~ I was VERY happy with him (and everyone connected with SamDental!! We will DEFINITELY return! Best experience possible! We both highly recommend this office (AND JAVIER!!!) THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

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