Dr Mexico

Located in Zona Rio (Tijuana’s new downtown), at Dr. Mexico we are ready to provide you with accessible, high quality, affordable dental services. Our professional, board-certified staff are knowledgeable, warm and caring. We specialize in dental implants and smile makeovers, as well as root canals, extractions, bridges, veneers, crowns, dentures, and general dentistry.
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EG Dental

Located in a state-of-the-art facility in Zona Rio, we at EG Dental are ready to greet you with a smile and make your visit a comfortable, professional and safe experience. While we specialize in smile makeovers and root canals, we also offer cosmetic dentistry, veneers, general dentistry and cleanings, and we will work within your budget to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of.
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Sam Dental

At Sam Dental, your smile matters to us. If it is a smile makeover you are looking for, or any other dental services, we’ll provide you with dental care that is personal, professional, affordable, and guaranteed. Located in Tijuana’s modern downtown area, we are accessible from the border and ready to help you rediscover your beautiful smile.
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At Samaritan Dental, we have treated thousands of patients from the US and Canada with excellent and affordable dental care. While we specialize in dental implants and All-on-4, we also offer cosmetic dentistry, as well as general dental work. Our dentists have gained a great reputation for doing quality dental work at very reasonable prices.
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Implant Art Center

There is an art and precision to implants. At Implant Art Center, we are passionate about bringing you the best specialized care and knowledge, at an affordable price. While we specialize in dental implants and cosmetic smile makeovers, we provide general dentistry as well. Our dentists at Implant Art Center have superior training with plenty of hands-on experience, and would be happy to assist you and take care of all your dental needs.
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Clink Dental

This state-of-the-art clinic is conveniently located 5 minutes from the border, in a safe area of the City. Using the latest technology and the best dental practices, we offer the highest quality dental care at a very affordable price. Our main focus is on the care and well-being of our patients.
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Dental Arte

We are a dental clinic that has been in existence since 2010, serving thousands of patients with quality and care. Recently we moved to a brand new location, right across from the Costco store in Zona Rio, where we have all new equipment and the latest technology. Since we also have our own dental lab, we can ensure you get your dental work done quickly for a fraction of the prices found in the US. The cost and care of dentistry at Dental Arte make a trip to Tijuana certainly worth it.
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Via Dental

At ViaDental we offer high-quality care, with some of the best prices for veneers, crowns, implants, endodontics and general dentistry. We are committed to giving our patients an aesthetic and healthy smile. This is thanks to the experience and learning that our founder, Dr. Vianey Castellanos, received under the tutelage of her husband, Dr. Rene Andrade Peterson, the former Vicerrector of Studies in Dentistry at UABC.
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Dental HM

At Dental HM you will find quality care at very reasonable prices and within walking distance from the border. Our staff would be happy to meet with you and discuss options of care, whether you are in need of implants, orthodontics or general dentistry. At Dental HM we are committed to providing you with excellent results across all our services and dental treatments.
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