At our Mexico dental clinics, we offer the following treatments:

Dental Implants Surgery

In Mexico, dentists have been offering dental implants for many years. Many of the dentists in Tijuana, within our group, have had extensive training and practice in dental implant placement. The technology just keeps getting better, and our Tijuana dentist are quick to take advantage of bettering themselves with classes and seminars.

Ct Scan

When a physical dental exam does not show clearly that there is enough bone, we may do a ct scan. A digital x-ray will show bone height, but not thickness. A CT scan is three dimensional, and will show everything, even helping to determine bone density. That way, if there is any doubt, a CT scan will show the dentist the optimum position and angle to place the implant.

Guided Surgery

To do a guided surgery, the dentist will first take a CT scan, and then do a three-dimensional laser scan of the mouth. With this info in hand, the dental lab can make up a three-dimensional guide, with the holes prepared for drilling into the bone, with the exact depth and position of the implant pre-determined. The plus of doing it this way is that the guide is place in your mouth, and the pilot hole for the implant is just drilled through the gum and bone, ready to insert the implant. There is no cutting open of the gum, to pull back the flaps of tissue, and so it is less painful, and quicker to heal. The implant is placed in exactly the optimal position. The negative is that it takes more time to do the process. About an additional 2 or 3 days. Also, the costs to make a surgical guide is 250 for the first hole, and an additional 100 per implant hole after that. So for an all on 6, it would come to an additional $700. The dentists have practice in placing implants the traditional way, but the high tech guided surgery is les painful and give a more exact result.

New UV Dental Implants

The market has just come out with a new type of dental implant. Traditional, the healing time on a traditional implant is from 3 to 5 months, depending on if it is an implant in the upper jaw or lower jaw, and whether any bone grafting was needed at the time of the implant surgery. With this new type of implant, the healing process takes about ½ the time for osseointegration to take place, locking the implant into the bone. The main reason that make this possible, is that the implant, just prior to placement is place in a machine that bathes it in super intense UV light radiation. 100 % of the impurities and carbon build up on the implant is removed, causing the patients blood, and biological material to make an instant bond with the implant. It is amazing to see it demonstrated. But this bond is the start of immediate osseointegration into the jawbone. Think of it, in just 6 or 8 weeks, you are ready to place a permanent crown on the implant. There is a small additional cost, because the implant provider charges us more, and we had to ger the UV machine, but for just $125 more you can get an implant that heals quickly and has a much small risk of failure.

“All on 6” dental implants full arch replacement

Many people are getting frustrated with having a denture in their mouth. It is hard to get used to, and never seems to fit right. Nut with an all on 6, after the first stage of the dental implants are placed in our Tijuana Mexico dentist office, You would return in about4 to 5 months, and we can make you a fixed dental appliance, made of solid zirconia, that will mount with screws on to the dental implants, The dental device will screw securely down to the contour of you gum, and will not come out again, unless you return to the dentist to take it off for cleaning.  But just imagine, it will feel a lot more like real teeth, and will certainly look and act like real teeth.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Many times patients have dreamed of getting a nice smile. Maybe they have gapped teeth, or missing a few teeth, and would do almost anything to get their youth back and have a great smile. What has been holding them back? The cost. A smile makeover of 20 crowns in the US would cost upwards of 25k. And that is not so easy to do. But at our Tijuana dental clinics, our dentists can do great changes in your mouth. The cost is generally about 1/3 of what you would be charged in the US. We can use veneers, to not have to grind down you teeth very much, but if your teeth are in too bad shape, or your bite is difficult, or you already have an existing crown, veneer won’t work for you, but our Mexican dentists can do as good a job rebuilding your smile with crowns, There is a lot more flexibility with crowns over veneers.

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium is the hardest material we can make crowns out of, The process is made by a 3D scan of the teeth in your mouth, and a three-dimensional cad/cam program is used to create a new shape and them it is cut out on a milling machine. Sometimes the dentists will recommend putting a porcelain layer on the front of the crown for greater aesthetics. But there are some newer high-grade zirconium that have more translucency, and make a good cosmetic result.

Root Canals

One this that all our clinics insist on is the use a qualified root canal specialist to do a root canal. The nerve and blood vessel in each conduit mast be properly removed. If a patient has an infection, medication must be placed in the conduit, and the patient must return with in a week sometimes two, to have the root canal finished, then a post to reinforce the tooth must be put inside, and the core built up with resin, before a crown can be placed. We won’t cut corners and allow a non-qualified general dentist to perform a root canal, as some clinics in downtown will do, trying to save the fee from the endodontist.

General Dentistry

Of course, at all our Tijuana dentist offices, we also do general dentistry. That includes cleaning, whitening, fill cavities with white resin, crowns, veneers, dentures.  We even offer braces, and pediatric dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry

In a Tijuana dentist office, the Mexico Department of Health, will not allow a general dentist to preform IV sedation dentistry. It can only be done in a certified operating room, and under the direct supervision of a certified anesthesiologist, present to always check his heartrate and vital signs.  This make it difficult for the vast majority of dentists in Tijuana to offer sedation dentistry. If the do, they try to do it in a clandestine manner, and hope they don’t get caught, because it will cause them to have the clinic closed. However, for the clinics of Mexico Dental Network, this is not a problem. One of our clinics is located in a building that has a small private hospital with 2 certified operating rooms. We can prep the patient in our clinic, and then take them into the hospital, and do the surgery with IV sedation, very easily.