It’s normal to lose teeth—when you’re young. These are called baby teeth, and they’re meant to become loose to give way to the permanent ones. What’s unfortunate is if you start losing the permanent teeth too. According to studies, almost 70% of people who are from 35 to 44 years old have lost some teeth for different reasons. Moreover, around 26% of adults who are at least 74 years old no longer have any of their permanent teeth.

Losing your teeth should be a cause of alarm for a variety of reasons:

  • It causes the other teeth to become out of place or move to the wrong decision.
  • It can lead to speech problems.
  • You can potentially lose the other teeth, particularly the ones closest to the affected area.
  • It can increase the susceptible to oral disorders, such as periodontal or gum disease.
  • It may lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), which is often described to be very painful.
  • The problem may also cause issues when eating and/or chewing.

The Solution: Dental Bridges

A long time ago, when you lose a dental tooth, you normally don’t have any recourse. Today, you already have several options, and one of these is the dental bridge.

As its name suggests, a dental bridge tries to connect a “brand-new teeth” into the affected area by aligning it directly to the adjoining or adjacent teeth, using them as support. These are still prosthetics, which means they still have to be produced by the dental lab. This also means you don’t get dental bridges right away but would have to schedule both the consultation and the actual attachment at different dates.

Why Is It a Good Option?

1. It is a lot stronger than dentures.

The cheapest way to add a new tooth is to use dentures. The problem with them is they tend to be more movable. It’s not uncommon to see older people dropping their dentures while they’re talking or eating. Such scenarios can be very embarrassing. They are also more prone to chipping or flaking than dental bridges.

2. You have different choices for bridges.

With a dental bridge, we can replace the missing teeth at an economical price. There are three types of materials available, and all will look very natural. A bridge of porcelain fused to metal is the least expensive, and is very strong. Also, for front teeth bridges we can use E.max, metal free crowns. These are the most aesthetic, but are not as strong and won’t work for molars where you chew. The best bridges are the high tech zirconia, which are both very strong, as well as aesthetic in appearance.
Your specialist can definitely help you choose the right type of material to use for your bridge.

3. It helps greatly reduce dental issues.

We’ve already mentioned some of the many potential problems that can happen when the missing teeth are not dealt with accordingly as soon as possible. The dental bridge therefore can help avoid, eliminate, or vastly improve the condition of your oral care, especially when you’re suffering from TMJ.

4. You can boost your self-confidence.

To see our patients smile is just priceless! We are deeply touched with clients who would call or even personally visit us just to inform us how much the dental bridge has helped them emotionally and mentally. Many feel more confidence looking for jobs, meeting their friends, or going out on dates. It’s just amazing.

How Do We Do It?

It is our goal to speed up the dental treatment process. But we are also meticulous and careful in how we do things because our main objective is to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

When you come to us for a dental bridge procedure, we begin with a consultation. Maybe you already have your problem assessed by a U.S. dentist. You can bring your old record to us so we can compare and also use them as references. Nevertheless, the specialist still has to see your teeth to give a more thorough evaluation and determine the best kind of dental bridge to use.

After the consultation, the remaining teeth will have to be reshaped and the decayed ones taken care of. There’s no use in adding a new set of false teeth when bad ones are still around. They can still cause missing teeth in the future. Further, it’s essential that the other existing teeth are prepared for the addition by reducing their size. It’s only when they are taken care of that the impressions are taken. You come back once the dental bridges are ready.

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