How do dental prices in Mexico compare to those in the US?

Mexico has lower costs than the United States. Our country can provide the same level of quality education and work at a fraction of a price. We have lower taxes, friendlier government regulations, cheaper rent, and more affordable business expenses. This allows us to pass on the savings to our patients by providing them with more affordable quality dental care.

Is the quality of dental care as good as what’s available in the US?

Yes! We work with board-certified specialists at vetted clinics, located in beautiful facilities with modern equipment and professional quality care.

Is Tijuana safe for tourists?

According to the crime index, Tijuana has a lower crime rate than both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tijuana is peaceful—in fact, we find our city much safer than many other metropolitan areas in the United States, and tourists are well respected here. It is easy to get around (ie. Uber, taxi), and because we are a border town, English is spoken fairly commonly. Just as you would in the US, always be aware of your surroundings, and always be discreet with your actions.

What are some tips for preparing for travel to Mexico?

Credit Cards: Please make sure you advise your bank, prior to leaving the US, that you will be using your card in Mexico. If you don’t advise them, the bank will likely block the card so that you can’t use it. However, if that does happen, we do have a US phone line in the clinic, and you can call them from here to get the card unblocked.

Mobile Phones: Check with your mobile phone carrier about options for using your phone while in Mexico so as not to be stuck without coverage or accumulate unexpected charges.

Car Insurance: If driving to Tijuana, you will need to get vehicle insurance, which is available either online or at one of the many agencies near the border. You can also check with your US provider to see if they will cover you.

Tourist Visa: Upon entry to Mexico, you will need to acquire a tourist visa. While a seven-day entry visa is free, a six-month visa will cost you approximately $25 USD. It is recommended that you always carry your visa on your person while in Mexico.

Is it okay to take my car to Tijuana?

Normally we advise our clients to leave their vehicles in the U.S. side and commute once they come into Mexican border. Our clinic can arrange the pickup for them. Since we are located close to the border, some of our clients decide to stay in a hotel in the United States or go back home. Others choose to stay at a hotel for a few days to enjoy the city. By commuting, you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle, and you don’t need to understand Mexican traffic. Approach our front desk if you need help in finding the best taxis in town. You can also ask for some referrals from your accommodation.

However, if you really enjoy driving, it’s perfectly okay to drive from the United States to Tijuana. Thousands of people commute across the border every day, just be mindful of traffic. There is a paid parking area that is walking distance from our clinic. If you’re planning to stay overnight or for a few days, hotels also have spacious parking lots. Please also be sure to get Mexican Insurance before you cross the border. You can get it online, or at one of the many agencies near the border. Don’t leave valuables inside the car, even if you’re leaving for only a few minutes. Use a good locking device. A club placed on the steering wheel is a very common method here in Mexico.

What is the culture like?

People are hospitable and kind. The food is delicious, the ocean view is gorgeous, and the climate is mild year round, most typically warm and inviting.

Do I need to bring my Passport?

While a passport is acceptable documentation to cross the border, the best document to have is either a US Passport Card, Sentri Card, or an Enhanced Driver’s license. These documents have a RFID chip, (Radio Frequency Identification), which allows you to bypass the regular line, and go through the “Ready Lane” (15 to 45 minutes).

Do you charge a commission?

No. Our service is completely free to patients. Prices are the same, whether booking through our network site, or an individual clinic site.

Why should I choose one of the clinics in your network, instead of an outside clinic?

We have built a reputation for quality dental care at an affordable price. We only work with vetted clinics and board-certified specialists. Our knowledgeable and bilingual staff will discuss your treatment options, without trying to upsell you on any unnecessary treatments. The staff is committed to communicate with you clearly and openly so that you understand your options. We are located close to the border and provide personalized and professional care, and we will help you arrange your hotel stay, if needed, as well as all transportation during your visit.

How long will I need to stay?

The length of your stay will really depend upon the procedure(s) you are having done.

Do you guarantee your work?

Above all other reasons to choose us is because of our guarantee! If you have problems because of workmanship or materials, we will fix it here at no cost to you. For more information, see Our Written Guarantee of Dental Work.

Do you have more questions?

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