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Welcome to Mexico Dental Network

MEXICO DENTAL NETWORK is just that, a network of various dental clinics that are banded together, uniting services and technology, in order to offer the latest, and optimal dental treatments to our patients. The clinics are all vetted for quality, and patient satisfaction.  The dentists and the specialists have the best training available. Our patient coordinator will help pair you with the clinic that can best take care of your needs. She will also help you arrange your visit to Tijuana. On this website, you can read about the treatments offered, and read the details of the clinics that are a part of our group. Learn more About Us…

Better Dentists. Better Care

Our dental Staff are both professional and compassionate. They care deeply about the wellbeing of their patients and pride themselves in providing the highest quality of care. They will carefully evaluate your case, and present you will all the options, for you to make an informed decision of how you want them to proceed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mexico Dental Network currently represents more than 18 different dentists from 5 distinct dental clinics in Tijuana. These dentists have known each other and worked in sister clinics for many years. They have formed a strong cooperative association between them, being consummate professionals, with the same goals of excellence. At any of the clinics, you will benefit from the collaboration and consultation of the group. Within the association, there are not only numerous highly capable general dentists, but also many specialists including endodontists, oral surgeons, implant specialists, anesthesiologists, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists. You can choose your dentist, ask for the clinic of your choice, or our patient coordinators can help guide you to the clinic or specialist best suited for your specific dental needs.

Of course, the team at Mexico Dental Network provides all general dentistry, but at some of the clinics, they are especially good at dental implant placement and rehabilitation. Also, some of our staff are extremely good with smile makeovers with veneers and crowns. Our dentists can also do “all on 4” and “all on 6” dental implants for full arch replacement. These fixed, zirconium dental prosthetic devices, are the latest technology, and are fixed permanently in your mouth.

First, the costs are much cheaper, while the quality of the work is excellent. Second, Tijuana is right next to Southern California. It is easy to get here, just 20 minutes south of downtown San Diego. You can either drive to the border or fly into San Diego. Our patient coordinator can help you get the rest of the way. We can pick you up at the border and give you easy instructions. We will even help you set up hotel reservations, should you need it and your transportation. 

Tijuana has become one of the safest Mexico border cities, and our clinics are all in the nicest part of the city. You will be safe, and we will help you feel secure.

At any of our Tijuana dental clinics, the same guarantee holds true. As the best materials are used, and our dental labs produce the finest crowns, veneers, and dental prosthetic appliances, we will warranty all materials against failure, with the exception of accidents, or medical problems the patient has, that are thing not within our ability to control. Our dentists will replace or repair any problems that may occur. We will guarantee crowns from one to five years, depending on the material used, with the solid zirconia holding the longest guarantee. If a patient must to return for warranty work, they won’t be charged. If a patient develops a medical condition that causes a failure, was hit in the mouth and breaks a crown, that is not something that is the clinic fault, and there is no warranty. Also, if a patient later decides they want whiter crowns, after giving prior approval of the color, before the dentist cemented them in place, they must pay 50% to repeat the work.

In Mexico, the Health Department now prohibits sedation to be done in a regular dental clinic. But that isn’t a problem for us, as we are affiliated with a Medical clinic. They have a certified operating room where we can take our dental patients. One of our clinics is actually located in the same building, and whatever preparation needed would first be done in the clinic, and then take them to have treatment in the OR. Sedation in Mexico cannot be done by the dentis. There must be a certified anesthesiologist to administer the IV sedation and monitor the patient’s vitals. We don’t want to put the patient’s health at risk. The truth is, although there are dentists in Tijuana who will do sedation in the dental chair, if the Health Department catches them, they would be severely fined, as well as closed.  Our clinics practice all things according to the proper regulations and do thing right.

If you park on the US side, and walk into Mexico, the Mexican Customs will ask for your passport, and you will need to fill out a temporary tourist permit. If you visit into Mexico is for under 7 days, there is no cost. But if you are planning to come for several trips, and don’t want to fill out a tourist permit, there is a minimal fee, and you can ask for a 180-day permit. If you drive across, unless you drive over to the entry for Declarations, you won’t actually pass through Immigration, but will be passing through Customs. If Customs stops you, they will not ask you for a tourist permit. They are simply checking if you are brining things into Mexico that should be declared. Only about 1 in 500 cars is stopped.

If you need to have extensive dental work done, it is a hassle to go back and forth over the border. We do offer transportation from the Mexico side of the border, but our driver can’t drive you back and forth to a US hotel. The truth is, hotels are nicer, and much less expensive in Tijuana. And Tijuana is safe. Don’t believe the negative hype you hear. The part of the city where our dental clinics are located is nicer and more secure than many US cities. There are a lot of fantastic restaurants to eat at, Tijuana is famous for it’s gastronomic district. There are beautiful malls, and the beach is close by. We would recommend patients to download the UBER app on their cell phones, (as well as get a temporary data plan), and use UBER to go everywhere, cheaply, and safely.

We can make the arrangements for you to be picked up at the San Diego Airport. We have contacts who charge $50 or $60 USD to deliver you to the clinic. However, we also recommend using UBER to bring you to the border for about $25. Then, you just call your coordinator before you cross, and they will have the driver waiting to pick you up and take you to the clinic.

It will cost you a little more, because on International Airport taxes, but not too much more, you would need to check fares. However, we can pick you up directly from the Tijuana Airport, and return you when you leave. Tijuana has a very nice, and modern airport, although it is smaller than San Diego.

In our Tijuana Dental Network, we are well connected with all Tijuana dentistry, and have great relationships with specialists, sister clinics, medical facilities, and several ultra-modern dental labs. We are ready to offer you full service, to meet all your dental needs. With our newest clinic, Dr Mexico Chaparral, we now have a place that is very visible and easy to get to with a lot of parking. Even it you have an appointment in one of the other dental clinics, you are welcome to park in the Easy Parking building, and walk across the street to Dr Mexico, to wait for your transportation. We are one fellowship of clinics and support one another. We say this because sometimes there are crossed wires, and a patient may find their phone doesn’t work once they are in Mexico, and now they feel lost. But from the whole area, you can see the Easy Park.  Dr Mexico is right across the street. You can’t miss it. Go ahead and wait there for your ride and feel free to make a call.

Let one of the clinics of MDN help you get dental implants, either individual or multi units, as we have the best people who can do that type of surgery and rehabilitation, Are if it is a nice new smile you need? Our dentists and dental lab are the best. They can even make a was mock-up, before the crowns are made, son you can see what your new smile will look like. We want all our patients to feel very satisfied that they got the best in dental acre possible.

Mexico Dental Network (https://mexicodental.network/)

If you are looking for a destination for dental tourism, you need to try Mexico Dental Network. We are a network of dental clinics that have come together to combine our resources in terms of technology and human resource expertise. Our aim is to offer the best level of dental care to our patients at an affordable price.

We are located in Tijuana, the famed dental tourism in Mexico, just a short distance from San Diego in the United States. We offer all types of dental services including dental implants surgery, All on 4, and smile makeovers. We also do root canals as well as dental veneers and dental crowns among other procedures. Learn more about these procedures and why our services are greatly affordable.

Some of our services

Dental implants surgery

A dental implant is a zirconium or titanium structure that is surgically implanted into the jawbone to replace a natural tooth that is rotten or damaged in any other way.  The implant is allowed to bond with your natural bone, after which you can have a crown mounted on the dental implant.

All on 4

All on 4 is a treatment idea that was developed to assist patients who have lost all their teeth or are gradually losing all their teeth to instantly regain a fully functioning jaw and mouth. We use the fewest implants possible, thus helping our patients avoid the bone grafting procedure. The All on 4 procedure also offers high-quality restorative effects over a short period of time.

Smile makeovers

We perform all types of dental procedures to help improve your smile. Thus, if you would like to find a solution for discolored teeth, decayed teeth, or missing teeth, we can help you. We also provide and fix dental veneers and dental crowns at very affordable prices.

Root canals

We perform root canals at an average price of $320. The same procedure would cost you between $1000 and $1300 in the United States.

Why our services are greatly affordable

On average, we charge approximately 35% of the cost that you would have to incur if you visited a dental clinic in the United States. This means that it would cost you up to 65% less if you visited our clinic as compared to visiting a dental facility in the United States.

The reason why our services are so affordable is that we use the dental tourism model. Typically, the cost of dental services and other medical services is relatively high in developed countries like the United States. Dental tourism provides a solution by enabling patients from countries with high costs of treatment to seek services from countries that offer the same services at a lower cost, like Mexico.

Thus, if you visit any Mexico Dental Network facility in Tijuana, you will get high-quality dental services at a much lower price than what you would be required to pay if you received the same level of care in the United States. The lower operating costs in Mexico enable us to provide excellent dental services at highly competitive prices relative to the Unites States.