All on 6” dental implants full arch replacement

All on 6” dental implants full arch replacement

The "All-on-6" dental implant procedure is an advanced full arch replacement solution that provides individuals with a complete set of new teeth supported by only six strategically placed dental implants. This innovative approach offers a fixed and stable prosthetic arch, restoring both function and aesthetics for patients with extensive tooth loss.

Benefits of "All-on-6" Dental Implants

Post-Procedure Care

Procedure Description:

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our dental specialist conducts a thorough assessment of the patient's oral health, including X-rays and impressions, to determine the suitability of the "All-on-6" procedure.

Treatment Planning

A customized treatment plan is developed, considering the patient's specific needs, jawbone structure, and desired outcomes.

Implant Placement

During surgery, six dental implants are strategically positioned in the jawbone to support the full arch of prosthetic teeth. These implants serve as stable anchors.

Prosthetic Arch Fabrication

A prosthetic arch, comprising natural-looking teeth, is custom-designed and fabricated to match the patient's smile aesthetics.

Attachment of Prosthetic Arch

The prosthetic arch is securely attached to the dental implants, creating a fixed and functional set of new teeth.

Final Adjustments

Our dentist ensures that the prosthetic arch fits comfortably, allowing for proper bite alignment and function.


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