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Dr. Mexico Chaparral Clinic

The Chaparral location is a branch office of the Dr Mexico, and Samaritan dental clinics. When this location came available, the clinic decided to take advantage of this prime location, as it is just two block from the border, is right in front of the Metro fast transit bus from Tijuana, and is across the street from the giant parking garage, Easy Park, as well as the new SIMSA hospital that is being built. In other words, this is a very easy to see, and very easy place to access for our patients. This is the newest and nicest of all the clinics, and in the best location.

Dr. Mexico

Located in Zona Rio (Tijuana’s new downtown), at Dr. Mexico we are ready to provide you with accessible, high quality, affordable dental services. Our professional, board-certified staff are knowledgeable, warm and caring. We specialize in dental implants and smile makeovers, as well as root canals, extractions, bridges, veneers, crowns, dentures, and general dentistry.


EG Dental

Located in a state-of-the-art facility in Zona Rio, we at EG Dental are ready to greet you with a smile and make your visit a comfortable, professional and safe experience. While we specialize in smile makeovers and root canals, we also offer cosmetic dentistry, veneers, general dentistry and cleanings, and we will work within your budget to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of.


Samaritan Dental

At Samaritan Dental, we have treated thousands of patients from the US and Canada with excellent and affordable dental care. While we specialize in dental implants and All-on-4, we also offer cosmetic dentistry, as well as general dental work. Our dentists have gained a great reputation for doing quality dental work at very reasonable prices.

Each Mexico Dental Network clinic

Has all been vetted, to insure that the dentists follow the guidelines and rules of the Hearth Department. Also, the quality of there dental work has been check to affirm that they are uniform to the quality of the dental work that is acceptable. In each clinic, they have dentists who can adequately speak English, so that the patients can fully understand the option available, and can make an educated decision as to what dental treatment is what the want to pay for.

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