Special Price List for Tijuana dentists

Our clinics in Multi locations have set a uniform price list so that you will know that at any of the clinics you will not be over charged. Our prices are competitive with the local dental clinics in Tijuana, and in every case, we are charging much less than any clinics in the US. The average savings are about 65% compared to US dentists.  All our clinics guarantee their work, and in all the clinics we have very capable dentists. The same specialist for root canals, implants, periodontal, and pediatric, take cases and work in all the clinics as well. We are like one big dental family.  Each individual page shows the full pricelist. But here are the special price offers:



Smile Makeover Packages: You can now afford to get a new look, and have the smile you have dreamed about.

Package 1: Zirconia Crowns or veneers. They are so hard that you don’t have to worry about shipping. And they are guaranteed for up to 5 years. 8 crowns or veneers cost $3800 and 16 cost $7500

Package 2: E.max all porcelain Crowns and veneers. They are very aesthetic and beautiful. For 8 crowns or veneers, you would pay just $3200 and for 16 the cost is $6500


Dental Implants surgery: The first stage of dental implant options begins with the surgical placement of the dental implants. Sometimes it is straight up, and at the time of extraction the implant can be placed, or after a previous extraction, the bone is adequate, and ready for the implant. Other times some bone grafting is needed. We can’t tell until we see the x-rays and ct-scan. But if you are needing an all on 4 or just and individual implant, the actual surgery for the implant placement costs $795 each.


Dental Implant restoration, individual, bridges, and “All on 4 or 6”

For dental implant restorations, both for individual implants or all on 4 or 6, the implant will need to have an abutment placed on the top of the implant that was preciously placed. Stage two takes place from 4 to 6 months after the surgery, to give the implant time to heal. The prosthetic is then attached to the implant. The cost of the abutments depends on the rehabilitation. Abutments on individual implants cost $380, and multi units for all on 4 or 6, cost $500.  The crowns for dental implants cost $550 per unit. On an “all on 4 or all on 6” the fixed bridge costs $3000 for acrylic with resin teeth, and $5000 for all zirconia.

What is an “All on 4 or all on 6”?    This is not a denture. It is a fixed hybrid dental bridge. It does not cover the pallet, nor the sides of you gum. It is permanently mounted on the previously placed dental implants and sets directly on the ridgeline. You can’t take it out, like a denture. Only the dentist can remove it. This rehabilitation will give you the function of real teeth, and not only looks great, but will change everything for you.  No more slipping dentures, no more embarrassment, and renewed confidence!

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