Dentists specializing in pediatric dentistry

Dental care for children is a beautiful and trusting task that we are happy to take on in our clinics at Mexico Dental Network. We are sensitive to our little patients and our specialist pediatric dentists treat them gently and lovingly. During dental check-ups and minor treatments, a calm and empathetic approach is crucial so that children feel comfortable and get used to the dental environment.

For children who require extensive treatment or dental restoration, in most cases a gentle anesthetic treatment is the best solution to prevent trauma. The first dental visit is an important experience for every child. With a sensitive approach and child-friendly dental treatments, our children’s dentists ensure that your child experiences the dentist’s appointment positively.

Goals for sustainably healthy teeth

The aim of children’s dentistry is the prevention of caries through advice and explanation, the early detection of caries through regular checks and the preservation of all diseased teeth. The milk teeth are very important in controlling the eruption of permanent teeth. That is why we spare no effort to preserve every diseased milk tooth as possible.

New techniques and treatment methods, such as root canal treatment for milk teeth and children’s crowns make it possible to preserve teeth that would have been extracted until a few years ago. This can prevent many problems later on.

Proper dental care

In addition to a balanced diet, tooth cleaning (brushing the teeth) is the second most important step in avoiding tooth decay. Children should clean their teeth at least twice a day with children’s toothpaste containing fluoride. Brushing your teeth should take about two minutes. On the one hand, to achieve a sufficient cleaning effect, on the other hand, to ensure sufficient exposure time for the fluoride in the toothpaste.

In addition, teeth should be cleaned after each consumption of candy or sweet drinks such as soda pop. Dental chewing gum is also a good addition. Although they are not a substitute for brushing your teeth, they have a certain cleaning effect if you don’t have a toothbrush at hand. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sweets due to constant snacking is bad for the teeth. Therefore, brush their teeth before going to bed so that the harmful sugar does not cause tooth decay overnight. For more information or to consult with a specialist pediatric dentist from the Mexico Dental Network, please give us a call today.

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