Our Written Guarantee of Dental Work

We guarantee our workmanship and materials, and will fix any work here in our clinic. We will make things right, and stand behind our dental work. This guarantee covers defects in the materials that become evident later on, and any problems that might result, like a crown coming off, a crown or a denture that might need adjustment, or a procedure that wasn’t done properly and must be repeated. We will not charge extra for work that is under guarantee.

*Our guarantee cannot cover problems that have developed because of an injury, the patient’s poor hygiene, hereditary problems, diseases, or results of other outside factors.

**We understand that there is a certain amount of inconvenience and expense in traveling back to Tijuana, to fix a problem under guarantee, but we assume the patient has factored that in, when they chose the savings available for dental work in Tijuana, and they made the choice to come here for dental work. We therefore will not reimburse travel or hotel expenses, if you need to return for work under guarantee.

***If a patient, after dental work is cemented in place, later decides that they want a different color or crown length, they will be charged 1/2 the price of the crowns, to cover the extra costs and lab fees.

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