Veneers are thin, custom made castings, that cover the front side of your teeth. Patients choose to get veneers to correct uneven teeth, discoloration, worn enamel, irregular spacing, and chipped teeth. Veneers can last over 20 years and protect damaged teeth from further harm.

The process begins with a thorough examination of your teeth, which often includes X-rays and taking impressions of your teeth. We then remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth and create an impression to send to our laboratory to create a veneer. We may provide you with temporary veneers while your permanent mold is being made. Your permanent veneer’s size and color are given one last adjustment before they are cemented to your teeth. Types of veneers include E.max Porcelain, Empress Porcelain, Lumineers Porcelain.

Lumineers are a particularly popular type of porcelain veneers due to marketing efforts. However, they are not the best veneer, just the most expensive. Although Lumineers tries to promote that they do not require your teeth to be shaved, the truth is, with all veneers, the surface must be prepared or you will not get a good seal. We can put on Lumineer brand veneers, and although the cost is much cheaper than the US, they still cost $520 each.

Empress veneers are the equivalent of Lumineers. They are just as thin, and have the same luminescence, but the list price is just $365 each.

Beyond a doubt, the best veneers are the e.max brand. This is because they are the hardest material, and the most resistant to chipping or or cracking. they also have the same high luminescence.

A custom-made set of veneers can be installed in 2-3 visits and is proven to last over 20 years.

In rare instances, veneers can chip or crack, in which case they would have to be replaced. Since enamel is removed in the procedure, the process is not reversible, and you may become more sensitive to hot and cold foods for the same reason. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you may be asked to wear a mouthguard when you go to bed. Many people who grind their teeth in their sleep don’t even know it, but your Tijuana dentist will be able to tell you if you are one of those people from the wear on your teeth.

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