Our Written Guarantee of Dental Work

We guarantee our workmanship and materials, and will fix any work here in our clinic. We will make things right, and stand behind our dental work. This guarantee covers defects in the materials that become evident later on, and any problems that might result, like a crown coming off, a crown or a denture that might need adjustment, or a procedure that wasn’t done properly and must be repeated. We will not charge extra for work that is under guarantee.

Our dental lab is of high quality, and therefore we can guarantee all crowns for 2 years, and bruxir solid zirconia crowns for 5 years. Our fixed dental appliances, also made of zirconia, are guaranteed for 5 years. We will show the patient what the dental work is going to look like, before it is cemented into place, and they approve it. But once it is cemented, if a patient changes their mind, and decides that they want a different shade or shape to their crowns, the patient will have to pay ½ price to repeat work that is not defective.

Comprehensive Dental Implant Warranty

Dental implants that fail will be replaced at no cost, unless the patient fails to follow the dentists instructions, i.e. doesn’t take their antibiotics or other medication.

In-House Work Guarantee

All work that is repeated must be done here, at our dental clinic, where it was done. We cannot pay another clinic to repeat work.

Limitations of Our Work Guarantee

We cannot cover work that is damaged because the patient had an accident, i.e. car wreck, fell on the sidewalk, was hit in the mouth by a baseball bat, etc. Nor can we cover problems resulting medical treatments or medication that affects dental work, i.e. cancer treatments, radiation, etc.

Considerations for Warranty Service

we Understand that if a person has to come back for warranty work, it might be inconvenient, but we expect that a person takes that into account, before they come.
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