Most of the dental procedures require medicine such as pain-killers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. So you must wonder how you can obtain your medicine and how pharmacies work in Mexico. I am going to explain how they work and give you the most useful information for your next dental appointment in Tijuana.

First of all, your prescription is very important if you are buying antibiotics in any pharmacy otherwise they won’t sell it to you because it’s part of a medical law condition. In Tijuana there is a variety of pharmacies all over the city. Most of the pharmacies sell patent medicine and also generics which is low cost medicine made from different labs. Now, there are drugstores that only sell generics like “Farmacias Similares”, their prices are very low and mostly effective.


Some pharmacies are open 24/7 and the rest close around 9:00pm-12:00am. Also a few pharmacies count with delivery service with no cost like “Farmacias Roma” which can make it easier for you if you are staying in Tijuana and don’t want to deal with traffic.


As part of the service all the pharmacies accept dollars however the value of the dollar may vary depending on the pharmacy. Mexico Dental Network shuttle service is always available for their patients after their dental appointment to go and get their medicine if necessary before heading to the border or back to the hotel.

Just a reminder, always remember to have your prescription with you when crossing the border with your medicine  in customs asks when crossing back. For your comfort there is a nearby pharmacy by Mexico Dental Network called “La Mas Barata” which is two minutes away in front of the city hall which is around the corner. Also there is a pharmacy right by the border called Farmacia Milenio which is in the same place you get picked up by the shuttle if you come from San Ysidro. These are only some options to make your purchase and visit easier for you here in Tijuana.


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