In Mexico, the norms and behaviors are governed by the regulation of traffic and vehicular control. Every vehicle that transits over the city of Tijuana must comply with the regulations and provisions of the traffic regulations. Basically it is almost the same as every country, if you break the law you will get a ticket.

Everytime you leave the States make sure never to forget your car documentations like your driver’s license, car registration, insurance and passport.

The fines in Tijuana are divided into 4 levels: low, medium, high and special. The low fines go from $80 to $400 pesos ($4.00 to $22.00 UUSD. For example, not having your driver’s license and car registration or ignoring a stop sign. The medium fines are between $450 to $800 ($25 to $45 USD). They include not respecting a red light, not using a seat belt and not keeping your safe distance from another car. For the high fines you must pay up to $2,500 pesos ($140 USD aprox), that is if you use your cell phone while driving and also not respecting the speed limit. Finally, the special fines start from $4,000 pesos ($220 USD aprox.) and one of the most important reasons is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Each fine amount may vary according to the judges verdict.

Now, the real question here is; what is going to happen if I get stopped by a cop?. First of all, the police officer has to give you a motive of why you got stopped and tell you which article of the regulation traffic and vehicular control you violated. Secondly, you will be asked for your driver’s license, registration and insurance of your vehicule. (Just for your information, the police officer can not keep any of your documents according to the Article 105 letter G). Then, if your documentation is in order and you agreed with the officer he would proceed to raise you an infraction and both have to sign it. At last you must pay the ticket at Tijuana’s City Hall located in Blvd. Independencia 1350 Zona Urbana Rio, Tijuana 2232.

Remember that Tijuana is a big city and most of the time you will deal with traffic, be aware of the signage to avoid a ticket or an accident. Drive safely!

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