The negative effects of smoking on oral health

Smoking is detrimental to health and most smokers are aware of this. However, quitting is often a challenge due to the high addiction factor of nicotine, which means that attempts to quitting the bad habit are usually unsuccessful. Statistics today show about approximately 13% of the US population smokes. This number has been declining for years, due to various campaigns and tools.

Smoking is often thought to be bad for the cardiovascular system and the skin. However, smoking also has a significant negative impact on your teeth. In this blog we discuss the consequences of smoking and what you can do to mitigate its effects.

Unhealthy gums

Smokers generally have more gum problems than people who don’t smoke. As a result, there is a risk of periodontitis. This is advanced gum infection that has several causes or is a result of a combination of factors. Inflamed gums can be recognized by dark red and sometimes bleeding gums. Our experienced dentists can clearly recognize the symptoms of gum disease by means of a measurement and draw up a treatment plan. 

Increased dental plaque

Plaque adheres to the tooth enamel andis mostly made of harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. Smokers are generally more likely to get cavities than non-smokers. This is because smokers build up dental plaque faster. In addition, the concentration of bacteria is greater than in people who do not smoke. It is therefore very important for cigarette smokers to take extra measures in their oral hygiene. Daily brushing, cleaning between the teeth and flossing is key. 

Get a comprehensive oral exam today

Our dentists at the Good Samaritan Dental Clinic in Tijuana Mexico can help smokers with a treatment plan to reduce the negative effects of smoking on the teeth and mouth. However, the very best advice is to seek help to quit smoking. Quitting this unhealthy habit will begin to have a positive effect on your oral health in as little as two weeks. Your gums start to recover, oral blood circulation improves and dental treatments are also more effective. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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