Tijuana, Mexico: The Best Dental Care Alternative for Self-Employed Freelancers

Every year, tens of thousands go to Tijuana, Mexico for dental care. Why? Because it costs a third of what they would pay in the US. This is reason enough to visit TJ, but for freelance contractors, there are even more incentives to get their dental work done in Tijuana.

Due to the poor cost-to-benefit ratio of dental insurance, many freelancers opt to go without, or are forced to select a plan that barely covers cleanings. Dentistry in Tijuana can be had at just a fraction of the cost (even when accounting for insurance), including state-of-the-art treatments in beautiful facilities, located just across the border from San Diego.

One advantage that freelancers have over the average employee, is their ability to work remotely and flexibly. With access to a good work space and internet connection, location becomes moot. This opens up some very interesting possibilities for a freelancer who is in need of dental care, because they can easily work while abroad. In Tijuana, there are a lot of very modern work spaces that a person can rent for cheap. Mini office spaces, with everything you could need, including local coffee spots are available throughout the town. In addition to saving big on dental care costs, the options for working remotely in Tijuana are vast and interesting!

The coastal city of Tijuana, Mexico is conveniently located down the beach from San Diego, California, making it incredibly accessible to locals as well as to those flying in to San Diego Airport. Contrary to what some believe, Tijuana’s new downtown and tourist zone are modern, safe, and secure areas where values like hospitality and friendliness have a daily presence. Through working communities like Mexico Dental Network, you can find affordable quality dental care options with bilingual staff and board-certified specialists, in modern facilities with the latest technology.

Tijuana’s revitalized downtown area on the Baja CA coast is teeming with incredible coffee, restaurants, hotels, work spaces and more, often within walking distance. With accessible transportation options, such as Uber, the go-between from a work hub to a dental clinic to a living space is quite easy, all while getting to experience today’s Tijuana.

The trend is obvious. Say you needed a root canal, a post and a porcelain crown. In the US, the reality is that you will be paying a large chunk out-of-pocket, with or without insurance, even when working on just one tooth. Mexico changes that dynamic. Without compromising quality, the ability to address multiple dental needs at a fraction of the cost becomes a reality, in an invigorating city environment that is worth (re)discovering.

Sharing a border with San Diego, Tijuana attracts some of the finest physicians and best dentists in the country and has grown as an epicenter for dental and medical tourism worldwide. Thousands of people cross the border to Tijuana, Mexico every week, looking for economic dentistry and medical treatments. Because of the proximity to the major population centers in Southern California, and the huge, potential market for their services, dental clinics and medical centers have been established close to the border and have blended culture and science to provide a unique, yet familiar dental care experience.

To summarize, Tijuana provides an attractive, affordable and interesting option for a freelancer looking for quality dental care at a fraction of the cost of what is available in the US.

  • The savings are fantastic.
  • Tijuana is very accessible, as it shares a border with San Diego, California.
  • There are many modern medical and dental facilities, with some of the best doctors in the country.
  • Options for housing and hotel accommodations are very reasonable and inexpensive.
  • There are fantastic restaurants, coffee spots and places for entertainment in abundance.
  • The city of Tijuana is modern and has been certified to be safe and tourist friendly.
  • The availability of modern workspaces enable a freelancer to produce work product from a remote location while being out of the country.

If you are anticipating the need for some extensive dental or medical treatments, consider going to Tijuana, to coincidingly save money, have a place to continue your work, and enjoy a relaxed vacation all at the same time.

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