Treatment of periodontal disease

Healthy gums are an important prerequisite for the lifelong preservation of your teeth, but also for the preservation of dentures. We help you with gum problems and inflammation of the gums quickly and reliably.

When the gum inflammation is just starting, an early diagnosis and the right treatment are important in order to effectively prevent periodontal disease. The periodontal disease is caused by the combination of bacteria and genetic predisposition. If an inflammation has already developed and this is not treated, the stability of the teeth supporting apparatus are compromised. Without gum treatment and deep tooth cleaning jaw bone loss and gum recessionoccur, which will negatively impact your appearance and smile.

Treatment of periodontal disease

One of the most important components of periodontal treatment is regular professional teeth cleaning by an experienced dental health professional. By removing all the plaque, the harmful bacteria will stop proliferating. It is important that the sometimes very difficult to reach plaque in the gingival pockets is carefully removed. Treatment can be supported with antibiotics, certain mouthwash solutions and good dental hygiene routines at home.

Pre-treatment for dentures

Proper and complete treatment of periodontal disease or other gum problems is a very important pre-treatment for dentures. In our clinics at Mexico Dental Network, we often see patients who have gotten dentures but without any prior treatment. A sound foundation and the right conditions must be created so that the dentures last a long time. Let yourself therefore get expert advice andtreatment to ensure radiant and healthy teeth.


Studies have shown that one of the main causes of gingivitis and periodontal disease is a genetically determined predisposition. This means this condition may be hereditary.Other factors are poor oral hygiene, smoking and general illnesses such as diabetes.Gum inflammation occurs because certain bacteria multiply unchecked and attack the gums and the jawbone. These bacteria eat their way deeper and deeper along the tooth. This creates gum pockets and receding gums.

Inflammation of the gums, gum pockets, bleeding gums and pain in the gums are signs of gingivitis. When this inflammation of the gums spreads to the jawbone, it leads to tooth lossin the long run. Therefore, treating gingivitis is extremely important and should not be delayed.

To get professional treatment for periodontal disease by experienced dentists and at an affordable rate, get in touch with us at the Mexico Dental Network.

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