What to expect during a root canal treatment

Your teeth are made up of layers of soft and hard tissue that are attached to roots. The roots contain nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When this tissue becomes inflamed, a root canal treatment is required to remove this inflamed tissue.

But how does this inflammation develop?With healthy teeth, bacteria cannot penetrate the underlying tissue of your teeth. Teeth form a natural shield against bacteria. If you have a cavity or if your tooth is broken, this protective barrier is compromised. Bacteria can then reach the underlying tissue and cause inflammation.

Why is root canal treatment so important?

A root canal infection does not go away on its own. A painkiller or anti-inflammatories also have no effect. Once the tissue is inflamed it will not heal. If you do not visit a dentist for a root canal treatment, the tooth tissue will die. The inflammation may spread to the jawbone. If the inflammation gets into the jawbone, you can lose more teeth. That is why root canal treatment is so important.Below we look at what you can expect during a root canal treatment at our clinic.

Initial consultation

During your first visit to our clinic, we perform a comprehensive exam to assess your oral health. If you have other undiagnosed dental problems, they will be discovered at this point and then treated. An X-ray is first taken of the jaw to look at the root canals and to see where the inflammation is.

We take X-rays before, during, and after the treatment. This is important because this way we have more information about the anatomy of the tooth and we can monitor the course of treatment and recovery.

Drawing up a treatment plan

Based on all the gathered information, we draw up a personalized treatment plan for you. Your dentist will discuss the prognosis, the various treatment options, and any treatment risks with you, such as the chance of the infection returning after treatment. We can then arrange an appointment for a root canal treatment at our clinic.

The day of treatment

On the day of your appointment, your dentist will have mapped out the situation and have everything in place for the procedure. The treatment takes place under local anesthesia. We have experienced anesthetists at our clinic to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you. If you would like to learn more about root canal treatment, please get in touch with us today.

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